Research & Activity





We are performing interdisciplinary research (Optical physics, Photochemistry, Analytical chemistry, and Biological science) on optical science in nano- and micro-spaces toward biological applicationbased on the theoretical study with the cluster computing system and the experimental study with the laser tweezers.

yMain subjects z

  • Development of "Biomimetic Nano Optical Engineering" and "Optical Biosensor Application"
  • Optical control of bio, organic and inorganic nanomartials for medical applications
  • Optofluidics and biological applications
  • Optomechanics and measurement of extremely small physical quantity
  • Development of principles for highly-efficient optical conversion




Theory of solid-state photo physics, Nonlinear and nonequilibrium physics, Electromagnetic analysis, Quantum simulation, Nanophotonics, Laser tweezers, Photochemistry, Analytical science (Optical biosensor), Microscopy and spectroscopy methods (Scanning probe microscopy, etc.), Plasmon, Exciton, Light-induced force, Medical Physics