Research & Activity




Lab Members


  Apr. 1, 2019



Mamoru Tamura (Specially Apppointed Assistant Professor, Ph. D.)


Graduate school students

Taichi Suehiro (M2)
Shota Hamatani (M2)
Kota Hayashi (M1)


Under graduate school students

Seiya Omachi (B4)


Visiting Researcher

Nguyen Duy Vy (Visiting Researcher, Osaka Prefecture University; Lecturer, Ton Duc Thang University)


Student for collaboration



Fumiyo Nakata


Former student

Ryu Ooka (Master of Engineering)
Tomoki Yamamoto (Master of Engineering)
Shin Tanaka (Master of Engineering)
Hironori Hattori (Master of Engineering)
Shimpei Hidaka (Master of Engineering)
Kohei Yamamoto (Master of Engineering)
Nguyen Duy Vy (Doctor of Engineering, Ph. D.)
Takayasu Yoshikawa (Master of Engineering)
Kazuki Ueda (Bachelor of Science)
Katsuya Shimizu (Leading program student)
Moe Miyai (Master of Science)
Kosuke Noguchi (Leading program student)
Yushi Nishimura (Doctor of Science, Ph. D.)
Mayu Ueda (Master of Science)
Yasuyuki Yamamoto (Doctor of Science, Ph. D.)
Karuna Ohashi (Master of Science)
Kenshi Yamada (Master of Science)
Yuga Okui (Bachelor of Science)