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Research tools

Numerical calculation by using cutting-edge Cluster system

We take only a day to calculate work that usually takes 4 months by using 128 cores and 1TB memory.

We have mathematics libraries and softwares for quantum-chemistry calculation so as to perform many kind of theoretical calculation.

Access Cluster System from remote computers

We can access remotely-connected cluster system by each laptop computers in students room.



Study theory of quantum mechanics, electromagnetics, non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, etc.

We provide training programs for numerical calculation and reading circles of many theoretical books, you can learn and develop your skill for theoretical study.

We connect with experiment research groups in a positive way, so you can have a chance to experiment your theoretical study.

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Regular Workshop

We have presentation in English. You can not only develop expertise but learn English language.



Solar Simulator and Photocurrent Measurement System

Only simple operation with a laptop computer can measure the photocurrent.

Basically we study theoretical research, but we are making some experiments with our equipments lately, students who have a challenging spirit are very welcome!


In some experiments we use SEM or other equipments of N2RC common infrastructure.

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Optical Tweezers

Nano- and Micro-particles can be trapped by light-induced force under laser irradiation.