Research & Activity




Study Policy

Purse fundamental problems and set a goal to construct the foundation for future science and technology

Our study policy is "Enjoy your research activity with a will of your own!"
We believe that you have overcome difficulties by enjoying the sever problems and situations to maximize your potential, while you were take part in club or volunteer activities. Still, it goes without saying that you need to have a knowledge and a technique to solve problems. So we offer students a program to get knowledge and technique, so that you can enjoy your study activities, such as Journal Club to read specialized books, Numerical Computation Training Course, etc.
As well as student tutoring, we have regular workshops, you can develop a good understanding of different views and subjects.


Through these activities, we are educating students to become an engineer or a researcher who has an ability of flexible and spontaneous thinking, can transcend his field by broadening his mind, and can take leadership with a good cooperative manner. Achieving this goal, we recommend that students participate positively in a academic meeting or an international conference, and that students gather information of different fields so as to develop creative skills for a new study research subject.
In particular, we actively connect with other field's experts, as well as connect with theorists in same field, so that we can develop our study with the pursuit of theoretical basis, knowledge gained from different field and the application of them.