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Presentation of Master Theses @Science Hall (2019/ 2/19 - 20)
Physical Science Seminar: Dr. Reishi Takashima (Tohoku University) (2019/ 2/ 9)
Presentation of Graduation Theses @Bld. C1(2019/ 2/ 6)
Physical Science Seminar: Dr. Javier Campo (Director of ICMA, CSIS/Univ. Zaragoza, Spain) (2019/ 1/23)
Dr. Savannah Garmon and Dr. K. Noba's paper was published on Physical Review A Rapid communications.
"The authors in this work have proposed to apply recent advances in optical engineering to enable a deeper understanding of a fundamental problem in quantum mechanics - deviations from exponential decay."(2019/ 1/11)
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